Friday, April 2, 2010 A report that creates debate – School and Nation – States General Security School – Stabilization of RASED?

Friday, April 2, 2010 A report that creates debate – School and Nation – States General Security School – Stabilization of RASED? – 4 and a half days – Teacher’s Day – A report that creates debate the report on the implementation of the common core implementation continues to spark debate, and that’s good. Is it not ultimately the role of a parliamentary report to generate public debate and reflection? A condition, however, that reaches beyond caricatures and postures. Not sure we get there well in France in general and in the field of education in particular. Yesterday the papers have focused on the patent issue while the question as we tried to show, was a bit more complex. Jacques Grosperrin, UMP Doubs and author of the report (which will be accessible to all on Tuesday), explains the proposal of the working group in an interview with Liberation "The level of small French late in the third is well below the European average, this is not acceptable. We must therefore change the way of teaching in college, and this requires an overhaul of the patent. ". He added, "Today, lessons are too compartmentalised, we must be more in the cross to restore meaning to the college. This is also what provides the Fillon law of 2005 with the core knowledge and skills. It’s a good law except that it still is not applied, "says Jacques Grosperrin .. Moreover, it is in this sense that the parliamentary report also calls for" dual mode "teachers. as we pointed out in the Nouvel Obs And there are many other proposals in this report. If the patent proposed modification triggers reactions and much caution on the part of the minister, we can assume that this other proposal raises again heated debates, postures and caricatures …. School and Nation Yesterday, Thursday, started in Lyon a research seminar on the school and the Nation. We mentioned yesterday the debate that stirs historians on this issue. The debate continues today in the columns of L’Express with a new interview of Nicolas Offenstadt and another Christopher Chartreux, blog moderator Profencampagne. One like the other critical initiative as "the result will remain, despite everything, oriented as marked with the seal of Sarkozyism and return it to the national. "According Offenstadt. For Carthusians, who also believes that it is a "command", "the biggest failure of the seminar would be to freeze the Nation in an image d’Epinal" while there is matter, according to him, also open the debate on schools and Europe, school and globalization, nation and internationalization, etc. If left think the experts at the seminar without instrumentalize then this work, given the high quality of the speakers (see the report of the Educational Cafe) could lead to the constructive forward-looking and not to use a biased the story. Foundations of school safety: Everything has already been said, everything to play Hardly seminar on the school and the Nation will he finished another event also subject to controversy (and exploitation) will take place. These are the States General of the school safety to be held on 7 and 8 April in the Sorbonne. Compounds again recognized experts, even though we see that this theme may also include political recovery potential. Le Monde asked several teachers to reflect on this question. Starting with Eric Debarbieux President of the Scientific Committee. The title of his column sums up his position. "No simplistic schemes to address a complex phenomenon." He also recalled that "the sociology of violence in schools remains partly a sociology of social exclusion. This is a factor, not an excuse, nor inevitable. . As for endogenous causes, they are also known, and his previous work have shown the "instability of educational teams, reinforced in France by the mode of appointment of secondary teachers, totally deficient training in the simplest gestures educational (classroom management, group dynamics, for example), poor organization of the team alive, internal segregation in institutions "level classes". ". What "" confirms Philippe Meirieu for which solutions are already well known, he summed up by this formula: "Everything has already been said, everything remains to be done," Claude Lelievre, historian of education, sign a forum he made some organizational proposals. For that "it is true States General of safety at school, he would probably have to be written by all concerned of the" list of grievances "and that it lead to a" Copernican revolution "in the treatment of the problem. "That is to say, ask interested themselves. The one and the other, in any case, ensure to be very vigilant about the political use made of this work. The conclusion of Philippe Meirieu sums up the alternative "Expect the worst! A safe display and a display of benevolent platitudes: security gates and pious encouragement to consultation. But we can also expect better: an analysis of the reasons why our general and generous intentions fail to incarnate, a clear look at the lack of political courage of those who have shared power in recent years, and assertion that must be the problem at its root, by rethinking the school to become a place of transmission of knowledge and citizenship training. A beautiful site .. "Stabilization of RASED? Humanity, we can return to the situation of Rased. A meeting was held Wednesday at the Ministry of Education. If unions did not get the return of lost positions he emerged with some assurances about the future of Rased or rather the commitment to a "stabilization" of the device. Under the Ministry of Xavier Darcos, the existence of these networks of teachers specialized in the treatment of learning difficulties was clearly questioned, causing a significant mobilization. Finally, the former minister had had to revise his claims down: only 1,500 jobs were cut on the 3000 initially planned, while 1500 others have been "settled" in struggling schools. A circular dating from last July, came to reaffirm the role of these support networks, which include some 12,800 teachers specializing in rehabilitation, education, and school psychologists. But the situation remains worrying. According to the unions, many school inspectors continue despite the signals of the ministry, locally cut in staffing Rased. Deletions of discrete but real positions plus a drastic reduction in teacher training departures wishing to become specialized teachers. This professional certification requires 400 hours of training. And each year about 250 teachers were applying it. A figure that dropped to fifty in 2009-2010. 4 and a half days the debate on the four-day week is restarted. Opponents of the four-day school week gathered Tuesday in Paris at the headquarters of the FCPE (the first federation of parents) to take stock of ongoing experiments and determination says Liberation. West France contributes to the debate with this information on testing will be conducted by the city of Angers. A school of Angers, the Isoret, will launch in September in the four-day week and a half with the course on Wednesday morning: "The day will be shortened, explains Luc Belot, deputy mayor in charge of education. It will last five hours or quarter past five, instead of six. "Children will then participate in educational activities, free but not compulsory. The experience will last three years. With Brest, Belfort, Grenoble, Lyon … ? Angers participate in scientific monitoring committee led by Francois Testu and Hubert Montagner. Without deciding, Luc Chatel, Minister of Education, last month, "encouraged" schools to the course on Wednesday morning. However, the week of four half days is far from unanimous. In Angers, the debate on school timetables lasted six months. 42% of members of school councils voted to maintain four days. For school timetables affect the organization of receptions extracurricular, cultural activities, sports … Luke Belot, the elected Angevin, sums up the problem: "The school time the pace of the city. "For teachers, it is not party every day … Although the" Teachers’ Day "is real and that the UN proposes to October 5, the" World Day ", the telegram announcing April 1 to establish this event for France was obviously an April Fool. really upgrade teachers, France, April 1 or not, this is a joke … Good Reading … ————————– ——————– of 02/04/10 (some paid items) Chatel clings to brevet A parliamentary report proposes replacing patent by "exercises and practical situations." "No way," replied the Minister of Education. Read more of the article Primary: the timid return of the four and a half days they would believe. But it is not won. Opponents of the four-day school week gathered Tuesday in Paris at the headquarters of the FCPE (the first federation of parents), hopeful but skeptical. Reason: assess the determination Read more of the article The school and the worshipers of the technical report Fourgous recently submitted to the Prime Minister, has revived the debate on the modalities of the introduction of new information technologies and communication technologies (ICT) in school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 02/04/10 Controversy surrounds the survival of brevet a parliamentary report calls for the removal of a review found "wobbly" and "baroque". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 02/04/10 college patent: a parliamentary report reopens the debate parliamentary committee chaired by UMP deputy Jacques Grosperrin advocates to review the terms of the national diploma of brevent (DNB) that it calls "composite object", too "baroque" to allow verification that all young people have received the minimum baggage that society owes them. Read more of the article World Autism Day: Morano wants to encourage "behavioral methods" Secretary of State for Family Nadine Morano, Thursday stressed its desire to encourage "behavioral methods" in dealing autism, on the eve of a global day of awareness to this disease. "France was behind the behavioral methods," Ms. Morano affirmed, during the visit to Paris of an experimental school using an educational method based on the analysis of the applied behavior, called ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) . Read more of the article Worried about his future, the Salon de Montreuil youth book launches petition The Book Fair and Youth Press in Montreuil, in Seine-Saint-Denis, is threatened by a reduction in council grants generally, according to its organizers, who this week launched an online petition, "Kidz Lounge". In one day, she had gathered Thursday night April 1, some 6400 signatures, according to its initiators. Read more of the article Improving teacher training is decisive by Egide Royer, professor of educational sciences from Laval University (Canada), Co-Director of the Canadian observatory for the prevention of violence school. We can define an "expert" as one who knows the difference between what can be ignored and what is really important. The "wise", more prosaically, is that person who, faced with the difficulties of assembling a piece of furniture purchased in supermarkets, may admit to herself that when nothing worked, it’s probably time to read instructions. Regarding aggressive behavior and violence in schools, it is urgent that the expertise and wisdom take their rightful place in the initial and continuing training of teachers. They are stressed and exhausted. It is undeniable that incivility, aggressive behavior make me do my homework
and other manifestations of violence are at the heart of the daily concerns of several teachers. They have yet received little relevant training to deal with these situations and especially prevention. Read more of the article should be a Copernican revolution to succeed the States General, Claude Lelievre There have been the last two years a ceaseless flow of general states that we have already forgotten or are even passed almost unnoticed. The Convention of health organized by Roselyne Bachelot in January-February 2008, those on the press closed in January 2009, those on overseas completed in spring 2009, those on bioethics that took place in the first half of 2009, those on children, launched in February by Nadine Morano, those on the industry ended late February under the leadership of the Ministry of economy and employment. And the list goes on. Read more of the article No simplistic schemes to address a complex phenomenon by Eric Debarbieux By convening of the States General of school safety, Luc Chatel, Minister of Education, decided to surround himself a scientific council. Is it not, after all, satisfying in this country that wants heir of Enlightenment thinking that can bind science and action in a debate too polluted with outrageous sensationalism and simplistic hackneyed? How not to be satisfied with the program displayed by the subtitle of the States General: understand, prevent, act. Read more of the article Everything has already been said, everything remains to be done, by Philippe Meirieu no doubt that school violence are a problem. As domestic and family violence, urban violence, social and economic violence or violence in the media. Logically, it would therefore increase the "general assembly" to "secure" all that! Unless finally understand that all these phenomena refer to a model of society that exasperates archaic impulses, generates the systematic exclusion of the weakest and condemns them to bitter resignation or brutal revenge … Read More of Article 02 ——————————————- Humanity / 04/10 (a day late) in Lyon, an "angry school" refuses to see from Guilherme mobilization unabated for Guilherme Hauka Azanga not be deported to Angola. Yesterday, Eric Besson promised to "study the issue" of this father of four French children, victim of the prefectural hard. Read more of the article Education: Rased are still threatened The ministry is committed yesterday to "stabilize" the teacher networks specialized in learning difficulties. But the future of this popular device of parents and teachers remains fragile. Read more of the article Crous: Unef still leads The National Union of Students of France (UNEF), despite a decline in its score, tops in the outcome of elections to Crous. Participation was 7.8% (against 7.56% in 2008). Of the 196 seats, 67 were won by the UNEF, against 81 in the last 2008 elections lists supported by Fage won 40 seats (22 in 2008), those supported by PDE get 15 seats (12 in 2008) while the Met (eg Kingdom, university right) removes only 6 seats (against 13 in 2008). South / ESF gets 5 seats, the EC 4, and Fac Verte 3. More Article ————————— ————————- Le Parisien (some paid items) of 02/04/10 They want to become security guard Twelve safety prevention bachelor students Jules Verne high school Sartrouville visited yesterday the technical facilities of the shopping center Carrefour Montesson. Read more of the article Jouy le Moutier: Four young people in jail after the intrusion in high school four 18- to 21-year-old suspected to be violently attacked teachers of high school Hautil last week were jailed Wednesday night. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 02/04/10 ——————————– —————- echoes (some paid items) of 02/04/10 Nothing seen … —————- ——————————– 20 minutes from 02/04/10 examination college patent A report by eleven MPs demand the end of this diploma Read more of the article size changes for the small French bigger, but especially bigger. The report is prepared by a measurement campaign conducted among children under 5 years. Made from January 2008 to November 2009 under the auspices of the French Institute of textiles and clothing, Read article ——————- —————————– Rue89 of 02/04/10 Nothing ——— seen … ————————————— West of France Angers tests 02/04/10 new school timetables At the next school year, a school will apply the four-day week and a half. As before … but with shorter days. Experience is already attempted to Rennes and Brest. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 02/04/10 patent questioned? Eleven MPs expressed support Thursday in the removal of GCSE, exam marking the end of the first round. But if he is not against some amendments, the Minister of Education, Luc Chatel, said he opposed the measure. According to him, the final test is a "major reference" for the French. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur 02/04/10 report of the Standing Grosperrin: the return of the "dual mode" teachers the parliamentary report calling for the removal of current events of the patent colleges also calls for "dual mode" teachers. A measure introduced before being repealed by Sarkozy in 2007. Read more of the article Chatel: "no question of abolishing the patent" The Minister of Education assured that there was "no question remove the brevet ", as proposed by a parliamentary report. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr School 02/04/10: a debate on national identity bis? Historians and researchers met in Lyon to discuss the relationship between the school and the nation at the initiative of the Minister of Education. A questionable initiative, according to historian Nicolas Offenstadt *. Read more from the article "A seminar recovered by power" Christophe Chartreux, teacher and author of the blog critic seminar on school and the nation launched by Luc Chatel. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Cafe of Pedagogical 02/04/10 STL – STI: unions vote against the reform Presented to the Board of education on April 1, reform of technological pathways and STI STL is pushed by the unions. Read more of the article School and nation: a sensitive issue, or a scientific question? Luc Chatel opened April 1 international scientific seminar organized by the NPRI on "school and the nation." Wanted by the Elysee, in the debate on national identity, the importance of this scientific event was discussed. Despite the urgency, the NPRI has gathered a few weeks a kind of scientific board to be a calm debate, as the Cafe was evident. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 02/04/10 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— 02/04/10 EducPros the "Act official" a necessary skill to become a teacher, Claude Lelievre ticket in a post titled "Act official" at capes and aggregation, Claude Lelievre returns to the petition launched against the assessment of a particular skill in capes and when aggregating "Acting State official and ethically and responsibly." Read reflection of the historian of education on his blog EducPros. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of 02/04/10 GCSE: the parliamentary report also defends the "dual mode" teachers Parliamentary report advocating to remove the current patent colleges also advocates the introduction of "dual mode" – the act of teaching two subjects – teachers college, told AFP its author MP (UMP) of the Doubs, Jacques Grosperrin. Read more of the article In Seine-Saint-Denis, parents opposed the replacement of a teacher by a student Parents of students in a school of Pre-Saint-Gervais in Seine-Saint-Denis protested Friday against replacing a teacher CE2 by a student master. Read more of the article civic service, an opportunity for young people, says Martin Hirsch Martin Hirsch, President of the future Civic Service Agency, praised the "opportunity" offered to young people can engage six to twelve month for a civic service mission Friday in Marseille. Read more of the article Reform of technological high school not optient joining the world of education reform technological high school, the Minister of Education Luc Chatel presented Thursday by the Higher Education Council (CSE ), has not won the support of the educational world, unlike that of the general high school in December, said Friday the SE-UNSA union. Read more of the article changes to the second assignment in Paris in September 2010 The scale of different criteria for the allocation of students in second to Paris, via the computer system Affelnet, has been changed to September 2010 , with greater weight given to geographical proximity, announced Friday the rector of Paris. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Friday, April 2, 2010